How to choose the right SUP Paddle for you

There are so many questions when looking to buy a paddle, so we’ve tried to make it easier for you with our Paddle Buying Guide.
There’s lots of options, so here’s some info that will help you make sense of what to look for. There are 3 common types of SUP paddle. 1 piece, 2 piece & 3 piece adjustable paddles.
SUP paddles consist of 3 main parts:
The Handle – handles are designed to fit neatly & comfortable in the the palm of your hand.
The Shaft – The shaft of the paddle is a key element of the paddle as it takes the majority of the force whilst paddling. Shafts come in different diameters & shapes. The materials used for making them differ from the basic aluminium construction to glass fibre & high quality carbon fibre. The materials used have an impact on price, with carbon paddles being more expensive.
The Blade – Blade sizes vary from very small blades to very large. Blade sizes in general have reduced in recent years as designs have improved the efficiency of paddle performance.
Smaller blades will suit most beginner paddlers as it’s easier with a smaller surface area. Larger blades have more surface area, so displace more water with each paddle stroke. This gives you increased power & speed.
Paddles with a smaller blade are better suited to smaller & lighter paddlers, & those wanting to paddle casually. Large blades are more common for larger & heavier paddlers, and people looking for maximum power & speed, such as in SUP Racing.
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