Oxford SUP Club Race Series

Winter 2022/2023

SUP Club Race Series

Our SUP Race Series is open to all, regardless of experience, and we welcome paddlers of all abilities, on all sorts of boards, wanting to improve their techniques and train for success!

The Winter Race Series at Oxford SUP Club will consist of six races from October 2022 through to March 2023.


Who can enter the races?

Our Club Race Series is open to all. Each race is a stand-alone event, so you can enter just one or all 6 races to complete the series. ​


How are paddlers categorised?

We use a Division classification system to categorise competitors. Your Race Division will be used throughout the series.


Why do we use the Division System?

Each Division is categorised by Time and therefore speed, meaning you will compete with other paddlers of similar ability throughout the series. This system is also used in the wider UK SUP Racing scene.


What are the race divisions?

Your time over 2km is used to align to the below Divisions:

Division 1 – 13:29 and under

Division 2 – 13:30 – 14:59

Division 3 – 15:00 – 16:29

Division 4 – 16:30 – 17:59

Division 5 & Leisure Fleet– 18:00 and over

  • The leisure category is for anyone to complete the course on any board, in their own time. It’s not a race, but a personal challenge so it’s suitable for less experienced paddlers and those just starting out in racing.
  • Divisions 4 & 5 will compete on the same course, but over a shorter distance.

Junior Racing:

We support grass roots SUP racing and so in Spring 2023 we’ll launch our Junior SUP Academy, and all of the Summer Series races will include a Junior category. The junior divisions are as follows:

Junior 1: 12-14yrs

Junior 2: 14-16 yrs

Junior 3: 16-18yrs

  • Juniors will compete on the same courses, but over shorter distances.


How do I set my Division?

Paddlers must complete a 2km time trial on the board they are using for the upcoming series or race. To verify your 2km time and Division, you must complete the Paddler Verification form. Full details on what you need to do can be found here.


How do you enter?

Each race can be entered individually, or you can buy a series ticket if you plan to compete in all 6 events through Webscorer here: Enter Race



Dates and Proposed formats (formats may change on the day depending on weather condidtions)

Race 1 – 15th October –  Lake Distance Race –  8km

Race 2 – 26th November – Lake Technical Race – 5km

Race 3 – 17th December – Lake Joker Race – 4km

Race 4 – 21st January – Lake 2 hr Time Trial Race – ???km

Race 5 – 18th February – Lake Distance Race –  6km

Race 6 – 18th March – Lake Super Tech & Sprint Race – 3km + 200m


What are the event timings?

Registration closes 10pm the day before the race

Check-in on the day from 9 am to 10 am

Competitor Briefing 10:15 am

Race Starts from 11 am

Prize Giving is estimated at 45 mins after the last paddler finishes


How much does it cost?

Each event is £20 to enter


When will the results be posted online?

Results will be available on Webscorer after the racing is finished. Complete results will also be available to download through our Results page shortly after.

How do you get a series ranking?

Every paddler will automatically get a series ranking regardless of how many events they enter. Paddlers who compete in three or more races will have their best three results counted for their ranking.