Ready to Tour

BSUPA Level 2 – “Ready to Tour”

Introduction to Touring

LOCATION: Oxford SUP Club at Farmoor Reservoir
GROUP SIZE: 8 people (per instructor)
SESSION CONTENT: The Aim of this course is to work on the basic SUP skills learnt during the Level 1 lesson, and to develop skills to improve your paddling.

This 3.5 hour intermediate session is ‘skill and knowledge focused’ aiming to give students a safe way of getting more time on the water. By the end of this course paddlers should be able to:

  • Understand different locations to paddle and their restrictions/challenges
  • Have knowledge of different touring disciplines and how to get involved
  • Demonstrate an improved efficient paddle stroke
  • Use a variety of strokes to maintain tracking and manoeuvrability on the water
  • Navigate obstacles and third parties afloat taking into account, flow, weather and any other elements
  • Have knowledge of how to plan a trip taking into account weather, flow, tide, access, 3rd parties, exit options
  • Have understanding of personal gear you might take with you when touring.


Adults: £75 each

16-18 yrs: £55 each 

Under 18’s – EACH child must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian for the full lesson on the water