SUP Paddle Cut and Glue Service


SUP Paddle Cut and Glue Service – we can cut your new paddle to length & glue the handle in place – available on all new 1 piece SUP paddles

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Buying a 1 piece SUP paddle means you need to cut it to size and fix the handle in place. If have never cut a carbon fibre SUP paddle to size before it can be a scary prospect, and a expensive and painful mistake if you get it wrong!

If you would like us to cut your paddle to length and glue the handle in place, we can do this for you in our workshop.

This service is best done in person, so that we can accurately assess what length your paddle needs to be. We can then carefully cut the shaft of the paddle for you and glue the handle in place. That means you're all set and ready to start paddling straight away.

Sizing your SUP paddle for the perfect fit can differ depending on the type of riding you are looking to do. We can talk you through the process and make sure you get the right fit for your style of paddling.