Aztron Mercury 3 All Around SUP 10’10”


Aztron Mercury 3 All Around SUP 10’10” package



Aztron Mercury 3 All Around SUP 10’10”

Revealing the 2024 all-round SUPs, featuring a new hybrid outline with a micro-tip that improves tracking performance and surfing ability. The newly added tail kick pad allows you to perform buoy turns in the chops. The combination of Aztron’s Signature Double-Chamber technology and Ultra-light core material ensures optimal stiffness without sacrificing performance and comfort. The vibrant digital graphics of 2024 season add a unique twist to your style. Explore more with this beautiful range for both entry-level and advanced SUPers.

10’10” / 32″ / 6″ 285L

  • Double Chamber Tech with 150L inner chamber for extra floatation and durability
  • Advanced Ultra-Light X-stitching drop-stitch core material
  • Newest hybrid outline gives a dynamic and responsive performance
  • 5mm thick diamond grooved soft EVA traction deck
  • New season digital print graphics
  • Front bungee cord system with tail D-ring connector
  • Double valve system
  • Extra set of kayak seat connectors
  • Easy to carry centre grab handle
  • 9-inch centre fin with US fin box