Learn to paddle board safely with Oxford SUP Club and the British Stand Up Paddle Association

Keeping you safe

Here at Oxford SUP Club our first priority is to keep you safe ensure you have a fun, enjoyable experience of stand-up paddleboarding. We work closely with BSUPA (British Stand Up Paddle Association) to ensure we’re giving you and your family the best SUP safety advice.

We are a BSUPA recognised school and club.  By using the recognised teaching framework developed by the BSUPA Training team we introduce all the necessary basics of technique and location selection, which will help you to avoid having a negative or dangerous experiences.

Safety First

Before we run any SUP sessions we look at the weather, the water conditions, our equipment and the group of people joining us on the water. These elements together help us to decide if it’s safe to proceed. If we are at all in doubt about anything affecting the safety of our group on the water, we don’t go paddling. We live by a simple mantra:

‘If in doubt, don’t go out.’


What do we do to give you a safe and enjoyable paddle board experience?


All of our Instructors are trained by BSUPA. Our Head Coach Andrew is a BSUPA Trainer, qualified to deliver all levels of Instructor training. We have one of the highest ratio of Level 2 Senior SUP Instructors of any SUP school in the UK, with 8 of our Instructor team being BSUPA Level 2 qualified.

We run regular Team Training throughout the year, so that all of our instructors are up to date with the latest dsafety advice from the industry.


We only use top quality equipment from the best brands in the world, so that you can get the best possible experience every time you join us on the water. Our equipment is continually monitored to ensure its kept in tip top condition and is safe to use.

We provide wetsuits and bouyancy aids for all of our customers so that you’re warm and safe out on the water.

Safety Provision:

All Instructors are trained Firstaiders and carry a first aid kit with them on their boards.

Our safety boat is used to keep an eye on bigger groups, and to help out with lessons on days when its a bit windy!