It’s been a funny couple of years, and I think we’re all a little bit over the doom and gloom. But what does the future hold for small businesses? How do we bounce back when we only just held on during the pandemic?

Oxford SUP Club has always been about People over Profit, and at the very heart of everything we do is a passionate drive to bring people together in a safe, supportive and inclusive community.

As a small not-for profit business, we’ve battled against the same challenges as everyone else over the last 2 years, but I think we’ve always been able to fall back on our people. Our Club members have stuck by us, and our community has only grown stronger through adversity.

I’m not driving around in a brand new shiny van, with wedges of cash in my pockets, but I am happy. And proud. Really proud in fact of what we’ve achieved in growing the sport of Stand up Paddle Boarding in Oxfordshire.

The tough economic situation has helped to highlight what is important, and what makes us who we are as a business. We care, we’re kind and we want to share the love of this amazing sport with as many people as possible.

So how are we bouncing back? We’re continuing to offer great value, an amazing experience and opportunities to grow as happy, healthy humans! Being out on the water is amazing for our mental health. For me, going to work each day is like therapy!

As we leave 2022 behind and 2023 starts to spread its wings, we’re planning lots more fantastic activities, with new developments in Youth Sport, and a concentration on wellbeing and happiness.

I’ve never been very good at shouting about what we do, and sharing the positive impact my business has on so many people lives, but I’ve been supported by some amazing people who have given me the confidence to stand up and tell my story.

If you’d like to know more about how a burnt out middle aged man found peace and new purpose through paddle boarding, and has built a busy and successful business based on community and kindness, give me a shout.

I intend to get out and about in 2023 and talk to as many people as possible, and share our story. Maybe you’d like me to come and talk to your business, or community group. Perhaps you’d like to bring your friends of colleagues paddling with us?

Reach out, say hello and let’s make 2023 amazing.

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Be happy, take care,


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